The Beginning

I keep asking myself why I want to start a blog. Whenever I start something, I want to understand why it is that I am starting that thing. Specifically I want to understand what the goal of said venture is and how that venture is a worthwhile use of time and energy. The core reason for starting this blog is simply that I love to write. That’s it. Beyond that, I would love to share through my writing some of the things I am learning. I am constantly being transformed by Jesus. And that process is quite the ride. This blog is small way to share some of that ride. Also, I now live far away from home. This blog is an attempt to make the distance between me and my friends and family feel a bit shorter. In a while, I am sure it will become clear whether this blog is indeed a worthwhile investment of time and energy.

Since moving away from home, I have also become a wife and a mom. My life now looks so different than it once did. Who I have been created to be has not changed; however, the context through which that is expressed has changed. I once was single, a teacher, a deacon, and a mentor. I now am a wife and a stay at home mom. I once was a “west coast girl” (and still am at heart). I now, however, live in the Midwest. Regardless of roles or context, one thing I am certain of: my life is meant to be lived as a form of worship. So wherever I find myself and whatever role I currently fill, my goal is to worship God with my life, asking him how to best live my current reality. Approaching my life as worship is a phenomenal experience. Because life is always changing, the best way to worship with my life is also always changing. This blog will be a window into the process.

What can you expect? I don’t quite know yet. The major topics will probably be those that are closest to my heart right now…spiritual life, marriage, and motherhood. Other topics that are always close to my heart and will most likely appear include womanhood, education, Jesus, Kingdom of God, and restoration. There are probably many more topics that haven’t even come to mind yet, but will find their way into this little space. We shall see. Looking forward to sharing with you.