My Husband Changes the World by Starting with Us

Too many men want to change the world but aren't willing to change diapers, but that's precisely where changing the world begins, at home. – Burk Parsons

I am walking out the door in a couple hours to be at a retreat I’ve been dreaming about for months.  Four ladies at my favorite bed and breakfast for 48 hours sharing our stories, our hearts, and looking to God to speak to us as we meet together.  Can. not. wait. 

This is the weekend I have ahead of me:  Rest.  Renewal.  Gourmet breakfast.  A large quiet room with no night wake-up calls from small people.  Dinner delivered right at my doorstep.  Alone time.  Spiritual encouragement.  Friendship. 

The weekend Val has ahead of him, though, is very different from mine.  Work.  Energy being poured out nonstop.  Waking up to an assortment of possible needs from snuggles because of nightmares to a midnight snack plea to a 4 a.m. bottle (who knows if Val will even sleep…pray for him).  Cooking breakfast.  Making lunch.  Cooking dinner.   Making snacks.  All day.  Changing diapers.  Playing endless games of Chutes and Ladders or Angry Birds.  Comforting a teething toddler.  Reading bedtime stories.  Doing bedtime baths.  Breaking up squabbles.  Doing dishes.  Doing dishes.  Doing dishes.  Reading Beautiful Babies at least 100 times.  Getting everyone outside to play.   Wrestling.  Listening to lots of talking about lots of topics with lots of questions all day long.   Lots and lots of work. 

Val is doing this because he actually does believes what that quote at the beginning says: changing the world begins at home.  While Val does do wildly world changing things like going into Middle Eastern nations in times of war to offer medical relief, he also does not view changing diapers as something that is beneath him. Some of his most powerful world changing impact happens right in our home with our family of five.  He believes that loving, serving, and connecting with his wife and kids is God’s work in action.  He is incredibly involved on a daily basis in our family life.  But he doesn’t just stop there, either.  Just as much as he believes that his world changing impact is both within the home and beyond the home, he also believes that I, too, have world changing purposes to live out, both within the home and beyond the home. Val gives himself to making it possible for me to do the things that I feel God leading me to do and be…both within the home and beyond. 

While we both work cohesively together to make our God-given impacts both at home and beyond, it just so happens that this weekend, Val is taking on a double-share of world changing at home. 

To any men that are reading today, this is where world changing begins: loving, serving, and connecting with your wife and kids in everyday tangible ways.  Start there, and you will watch the world change right in front of you.