Echoes of Our Original Design Restored

You were created in the Image of God.  He began His story with creation and He called what He created good.  There are echoes of that original design in you.

But.  That good, original design has been tainted by the fall.  You entered a fallen world when you were born.  Creation has been altered…broken.  You entered a broken world.  You yourself have been broken by sin done to you and sin you’ve done yourself, your very sin separating you from God.   

Then.  Jesus entered the story.  His death and resurrection brought about redemption.  Now you can be brought from darkness and death to light and life.  When we follow Jesus with our lives, we are redeemed. 

The story doesn’t end there. As long as we are alive on this earth, we have the opportunity to join with Jesus’ restorative work by engaging in His transformation of our very selves.  We have the opportunity to enter into His healing of the wrongs that have been done to us.  We also have the opportunity to engage His transformation of ourselves through confession and repentance of our own sin, ultimately believing Him to make us new, as we live connected to the Spirit.  He reconnects the echoes of our original design to our current reality. And as we experience His restoration of ourselves, we have the opportunity to bring restoration to all the people and places our lives touch.