The Gospel

As my husband Val and I get to touch into so many lives with what we do, the number of stories we hear about Christians who never applied the Gospel to their lives, let alone understood it, is astounding and eye-opening.  So many Christians are bound and trapped in ways of living that God never intended for them to be stuck.  Rather than assume that we all know the Gospel, I am going to lay it out right here. 

The Gospel is the story of God. It is how He rescues humanity and makes broken things whole. The story doesn’t start with brokenness, though. The story starts with God’s original design for how things were to work and how life was to run. The story starts with God creating everything and it being good. From there, the story continues to brokenness and fallout as a result of sin. This creates a chasm between God and man, only crossable through Jesus’ entrance into human history and the giving of His life. Through His death and coming back to life, God and man can be reconnected. When God and man are reconnected, God can make things whole. He can restore broken things and broken lives.

The Gospel is the big story of God, the story of all time, of all humanity. It tells of how things on the earth were meant to be, what corrupted it all, and how God made a way for it to be healed and restored. However, the Gospel is also the story of each of us. The story of each of our lives is also one of Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration. We were each created with a purpose and a design, but each of us was also corrupted by sin and our original design was broken. We each look to different things to redeem us and make us feel okay. We have an idea of who we should be even though we aren’t that person, and we look to various things to make us whole and restored. We do this in almost every aspect of our lives; therefore, every part of our lives and every part of ourselves is affected by the Gospel.  When we begin to apply the Gospel story to these places, looking to Jesus to be our redeemer, we begin to see wholeness and life fill those places that were once dead and broken. As we begin to understand God’s intentions for us and face our own weaknesses and insufficiencies, applying the truth of the Gospel, we find ourselves being restored and returned back to God’s original design. This practice of applying the Gospel to our lives is something we are called to continually do throughout life.

Under this idea of continual transformation through the Gospel, I’d love to hear how Jesus is transforming your life…your heart, your everyday life.  Will you please share?  How is Jesus changing your heart?  Click here to email me your story.

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